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Jobs : Two professorship positions at Supélec

Wednesday 27 March 2013, by Alexandra Peereboom

Dear colleagues and friends,

We are looking for candidates to apply for one of the two enclosed professorship (permanent) positions in my department at SUPELEC (OPTEL: Optics and Electronics) and as part of the LMOPS Lab (SUPELEC-University of Lorraine):
SUPELEC-METZ-OPTEL1: functional materials for optoelectronics


SUPELEC-METZ-OPTEL2: photonics and nonlinear optics


The job offers are distributed in French officially but interested candidates can contact me for an English translation. Although some of the teaching can be given in English mostly at the master level and although the research activities are performed in an international context, candidates should have a basic knowledge of the French language.

Don’t hesitate to contact me for further details.
The deadline for application is on May 03.
Best regards

Prof. Dr. Ir. Marc SCIAMANNA
Deputy Director – LMOPS (Suplec/Universit Lorraine)
Head of Optics & Electronics Research Group (OPTEL)
Head of Photonics Master Program (SPC-Master P3)
SUPELEC - Metz Campus
2 Rue Edouard Belin
57070 METZ (France)
Tel: 0033-387-764705
Follow me on Twitter: @MarcSciamanna