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Solvay Colloquium, Tuesday 11 February at 4:00 p.m. Prof. Thomas EBBESEN

Wednesday 5 February 2014, by Alexandra Peereboom

Dear Colleague,

The next Solvay Colloquium will be held on Tuesday 11 February at 4:00 p.m. in FORUM D (ULB, campus plaine).

Speaker: Professor Thomas Ebbesen (ISIS & USIAS, University of Strasbourg and CNRS, France).

Title: Hybrid Light - Matter States

Prof. Th. Ebbesen : Hybrid Light - Matter States

Abstract: Just as atoms exchange electrons to form molecular orbitals, an electromagnetic field can interact with molecules by the exchange of photons. When this interaction is strong enough to overcome decoherence effects, new hybrid light-matter states can form, separated by what is known as the Rabi-splitting energy. This strong coupling regime is typically achieved by placing the material in the field of a photonic structure which is tuned to be resonant with a transition to an excited state. While strong coupling has been extensively studied due to the potential it offers in physics such as room temperature Bose Einstein condensates and thresholdless lasers, the implication for molecular and material science remains nearly totally unexplored.

The splitting of an excited state into two hybrid light-matter states separated by as much as 1 eV modifies the energy diagram of the molecular material and therefore the properties. To try to understand the consequences of such changes, we have been studying strong coupling between molecules and plasmonic structures as well as Fabry-Perot cavities. After introducing the fundamental concepts, examples of photophysical, chemical and material properties of strongly coupled systems will be given which illustrate the potential of light-matter states for molecular and material sciences.

Everybody is cordially invited!

Best wishes,

Marc Henneaux
Université Libre de Bruxelles & International Solvay Institutes
Campus Plaine CP 231 - Boulevard du Triomphe
B-1050 Brussels – Belgium