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Doctoral school 2014- Oostduinkerke, May 5-7

Wednesday 13 November 2013, by Alexandra Peereboom

Doctoral School 2014:

The photonics@be doctoral school 2014 will be organized as follows:
- Dates: May 5-7, 2014 (Pay attention: Day off on 1 May 2014)
- Location: Oostduinkerke, Domein Westhoek
- Participants: typ. 100 registrations expected (all from IAP partners)

- Topic: Simulations and measurements
- Scientific programme committee: Wim Bogaerts (UGENT), Guy Verschaffelt and/or Simon-Pierre Gorza (VUB-ULB), Marc Wuilpart (UMONS)
- The programme should be ready for mid February 2014
- Registrations will be closed 3 weeks before the school
- Doctoral school website will be hosted by UMONS (uploads from Oostduinkerke)

Please download hereunder the programme, the list of participants and the list of posters.

List of posters